Inspired by @LeahG
  1. Hawaii
    My dad rented a Dodge Omni for the 6 of us to drive the road to Hana. We never made it.
  2. Indiana
    I-65 should be a autobahn.
  3. California
    Loved all the cheesy tourist stuff I did. Fisherman's Wharf, Napa Wine Train, and other stuff I can't remember because it was 20+ years ago.
  4. New York
    My first all inclusive vacation was at the Rocking Horse Ranch last year. Loved it. Kids loved it. Beautiful area.
  5. Tenneesee
    Saw a Chihuly exhibit at a botanic garden there. He's my favorite glass artist. Would love to travel the world following his installations.
  6. Illinois
    Birthplace of my babies. I'm a sappy mom.
  7. Wisconsin
    There was a radio ad that aired when I was growing up that stated behind 1 out of every 4 doors lived a person with a mental illness. As an adult, I think that number is understated.
  8. Minnesota
    My friends Dalia and Alex were married there and I cried through the entire ceremony. Love them and was so happy they found each other. Plus, a cop served the beer at their reception.
  9. Michigan
    It's no Wisconsin.
  10. Iowa
    So far... Plus, my least favorite sister lives there.
  11. Missouri
    I've been to Rolla, Springfield, and Kirksville. Yep.
  12. Nevada
    Grand Canyon was amazing.
  13. Pennsylvania
    Birth place. Hershey was a lot of fun and driving through the Allegheny Mountains was amazing.
  14. Alabama
    My friend Gerald took me on a boat ride through the bayou. I could be a boat person if every day was that beautiful.
  15. Mississippi
    My brother was married in Gulf Port 30 years ago. I should send them a card...