I love to make stuff. All kinds of stuff. I don't even mind if it turns out crappy (a lot of it does).
  1. Hand-dyed fabric
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    Procion dyes -- all these start with the same orange color, then I added a bit of this or that to get this autumn lineup.
  2. Clothes
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    I like to take apart old clothes and use them as a pattern. This was an old Levi's jacket that I loved til it was threadbare.
  3. Quilts that look like stained glass
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    I used up some old dye on random pieces of fabric, then cut random lines and sewed in strips and kept doing that til I got this result.
  4. Leaded glass windows
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    I shamelessly plagiarized a Frank Lloyd Wright design. This window is in the interior of my house and sheds light down into a very dark stairwell.
  5. Electricity
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    This is our net meter -- it shows total consumption since our solar panels were installed, and the number would be 20 times that without the panels.
  6. Alphabet quilts
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    I made these for my twin grandkids. My daughter-in-law is from Thailand (she's the coolest woman I've ever met).
  7. Picnic table
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    I just made this today.