Inspired by @angela3950
  1. 1. Had to recite the first 2 STANZAS of "Evangeline" by Longfellow in 5th grade.
    Miraculously accomplished!
  2. 2. Piano lessons, age 10
    Stuck with it till I managed to plunk out "Alley Cat". Then I quit.
  3. 3. Red Cross Water Safety Instructor course material.
    I had to know it all since I would be teaching it to potential life guards. Became fun after I totally mastered the curriculum.
  4. 4. Pharmacy technician job.
    Pills pills and more pills. Don't mix them up! Extremely grueling work under pressure 99% of the day.
  5. 5. Measuring windows for custom treatments.
    So many formulas for different styles of draperies! There is no room for error in this realm. I did this for several years with great success. It's harder than it looks.