West to east, a rainstorm encouraging us to keep on trucking...
  1. It's nasty weather. Knowing all too well how if this were snow things could be much worse.
    We just want to make good time and be home by dark. Anticipating the temperatures to drop at our destination.
  2. This is winter? January sure feels different now.
    We left Ohio this morning after torrential rains and temps in the 50's. Overflowing streams and swollen swamps plus the roads pooled with water.
  3. Horse and buggy obstacles greeted us.
    The "English" driving too fast around them...
  4. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania awaits.
    Foggy route 80 plus tractor trailers- not my favorite scenario.
  5. We listen to AM radio.
    Making fun of talk shows and switching to music occasionally. There's a dead zone in mid-PA full of country or oldies. Even country-oldies.
  6. Heard "Feeling Groovy" just now.
    What? The Cowsills? Why do I know that? Or someone not quite Elvis.
  7. 3 1/2 hours to go.
  8. (6:28 PM) It was a dark and stormy ride...
    and much rain dumped upon us. The dog snoozed, chasing the occasional squirrel in his dreams. Almost 6 hours total for our trip- and completely weary of AM radio- we are safe at home. So glad we snagged the leftover pizza from last night!