LR from @gd3 This looks to be a partial list. There are so many inspiring things out there in the world. I try to find gratitude everywhere in my life!
  1. The outdoors
    I might be going on a quick trip to the post office or I am geared up for several days of wilderness. No matter- I always look for an adventure outside. When I open the door and step out to the world, anything can happen. I want to spread my arms wide with eager anticipation.
  2. Writing that speaks from someone's heart
    Cutting away all the unnecessary babble, there are some who describe life with such finesse. I am filled with wonder and joy that I share those same feelings. It's a gift to put together a "good read" and hard work, too. This does not go unnoticed in my life.
  3. Pilates
    This ongoing discipline has sustained me for over 15 years. It's taught me to slow down my jittery, nervous self. It heals my body as it ages and keeps me from falling apart. It's a powerful form of meditation on knowing myself and honoring my capabilities. It teaches me to carry myself taller and breathe deeply.
  4. My sweet schnauzer, Angel.
    I guess by now if you have read my lists you have found that he often shows up in the narrative. There hasn't been a canine friend in my life in many years and he was totally unexpected. He lives in the moment and I endeavor to join him. Every day I share with him is such a gift!