Hired as a "Beverage Girl" on wheels: wheeeee!🎉
  1. Somebody pinch me I said. You are going to pay me to cruise around acres of manicured hills loaded down with refreshments? (This could be interesting) It was.
  2. I can do this. Driving a giant cooler to thirsty golfers? Huh. Easy. (But wait...)
  3. I felt like I was on a cool roller coaster with adult beverages.
  4. I love throwing a party. This job was all that minus the prep work of food. These high rollers were only offered tiny bags of chips and pretzels ( at an outrageous price). Not my kind of party but oh well.
  5. Daily I passed a serene pond loaded with frogs. There was a duck who quickly made friends with me after I stopped once and fed him some popcorn. When he heard my cart coming he would race across the green for more. Every time.
  6. With an ice box sloshing full of beer, soda and water, people were flagging me down. I was the mobile oasis. Serving man and poultry.
  7. There were days I had the course to myself. The duck was my only customer. Also, I was paying for his popcorn but never mind. I always had a soft spot for ducks since while growing up I had them for pets (That's another list for another day).
  8. Occasionally alcohol spoiled the party.
  9. It was only a matter of time before I encountered the "loaded golfer". I quickly learned how to calculate where they would be on the course and adjust my route so I would miss them. I learned about tough love.
  10. I am sad to say that the summer came to a grinding halt. This turned out to be the first and only time I walked off a job.
  11. I was a little sad. Surprised I was leaving the way I did. There were a lot of circumstances leading up to my departure. It clearly was a defining moment. That golf course (which was at a major resort in the Poconos) had many problems. The drink cart was fun but not enough fun to cancel out the crap.
  12. I miss my duck. He must have wondered where the Popcorn Lady went.