There's no such thing as a free lunch... Except at Harris teeter
  1. Say good morning to Baltimore by feeding the fat well fed ducks at the BMI. Gorgeous water view is free of charge.
  2. Get your heart rate up by racing your kid to the top of federal hill and then to the top of the tricky jungle gym. Please unwind all swings that have been tampered with by the high school kids.
  3. Walk to the pet store but keep calling it the zoo.
  4. Take the free circulator bus up fort avenue. Bus includes free AC and usually free legal advice from a rider who was just released from central booking.
  5. Head into Harris teeter around lunch time. Start in produce. Samples include a fruit course, cheese course, bread and dip course, deli meat course, and a lap around to check out for a free cookie to round out the well balanced free meal.
  6. Head into any bar and get free babysitting by letting your kid talk to lunchtime patrons about why they are drinking their lunch.
  7. Head home for a well deserved and slightly buzzed nap!