I don't say anything but I want to kill people
  1. People standing in the left line in the escalator and blocking the way
  2. People that stand up long time before their stop and push everybody to get their way to the doors
  3. People talking loudly on the phone
    I genuinely don't care about your life
  4. People walking very slowly
    I live in Paris. You just don't do that here
  5. People making scenes
    Don't get angry with any one, it doesn't worth it
  6. People that keep sitting on the folding seats even when the wagon is very crowded
    Stand up. It makes space for everybody
  7. People complaining loudly when the wagon is too crowded.
    We get it. You're not the only one who can't breathe
  8. Assholes who don't give up their seats for the elderly, disabled, or clearly very pregnant women.
    Suggested by @Katlips02