Work Quote of the Week

Andrew is the new sales rep that I work with. He's trying to learn the role and responsibilities and asks far too many questions as you'll see.
  1. "Robert, if I push the red phone button, should I be able to [hangs up the Skype call]"
    Andrew learning Skype
  2. "It doesn't matter if it's not bringing you dollars today. It's your job to keep the customer happy. They don't buy anything when they're pissed off."
    Vlad to Andrew - on his complaining about doing maintenance on the accounts that doesn't increase his sales.
  3. "What are we doing on the call other than complaining about other people"
    Mark in relation to Andrew's complaining
  4. Andrew: "Is that what she's saying?" Mark: "Well those are the words she wrote"
  5. "Robert, I'm talking to you more than I talk to my wife!"