Ten Reasons to Watch "Fuller House" on Netflix

  1. You're not comfortable with anything That has happened in the world since 1991.
  2. The nostalgic value. You miss those years when life was simpler and we had no wifi.
  3. As a kid you wanted to actually live in the house but couldn't because: (a) It wasn't real and (b) they was no room. It was a full house. Titling wizardry.
  4. You want to see if it's possible for me to do a family show and not curse.
  5. No matter your gender, you like to say at least five times a day "John Stamos hasn't aged! I'd totally do him!
  6. Your favorite band of all time is the Rippers.
  7. You want to find out if Joey and Danny finally hooked up.
  8. You're the dad who never watched the original show but now DJ, Stef, and Kimmy have all become hotties so you're gonna watch it with your kids and act like you're enjoying it for the "family values."
  9. You want to get caught up fully on this incarnation so in thirty years when they do "Fullest House" you'll understand why Danny and Joey are in assisted living and Jesse is back in the house and still looks exactly the same.
  10. All 13 episodes on Netflix. You can leave your seven year old alone in the house unsupervised to binge-watch all 6&1/2 hours while you go off and do errands.