And this is only the stuff we're not too ashamed to share.
  1. Assorted Black Seed Montreal-style bagels
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    (Boiled in honey water!)
  2. Many doughnuts
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    But who is the monster who was all, "Oh, just 7/8ths of a doughnut for me, thanks"?
  3. Mincemeat pie
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    Made with schmaltz, rather than suet.
  4. This quince
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  5. ...and this pear
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  6. Li-Lac chocolates
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  7. Oh, and this persimmon
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  8. Rugelach!
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  9. Uh, this
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  10. Unidentified chicken thing
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  11. Three bananas, two tomatoes, and a pumpkin
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  12. Half a turkey
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  13. Casual oysters
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  14. Wait, are these Jell-O shots?
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  15. (Where the magic happens)
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