Nice Moments as Published Author

There are lots of tough moments as a writer, when you question whether or not you're any good. Nice moments get you through many dark hours.
  1. I was volunteering at a historic park during a fund raising event. As I was leaving, I stopped at a few vendor booths, forgetting I was still wearing a name tag. At one booth, a woman asked, "Are you BonSue the writer?" I nodded & she said, "I love your books!"
  2. A fan sent me a message on my website that said one of my books inspired her to help other women reach their goals
  3. A small restaurant owner told me a customer had decided to eat there after reading about it in the storyline of one of my books
  4. A fan at a book signing asked for a picture of us together, with me handing her a signed book
  5. A radio host asked me to be on her show, though she usually hosts only 'famous' authors. I followed Mary Higgins Clark!
  6. A fan told me my books made more sense about the afterlife than anything else she's read on the subject
  7. A book club told me they wanted to know the phone number of the man I had fashioned my hero after (in my first book.) I beamed because it was my husband.
  8. When I got the critique letter from my editor on my most recent novel, she said she had a hard time finding things to critique!
  9. A fan said she had been afraid to read my second book because she had enjoyed the first one so much & didn't want to be disappointed, but she enjoyed the second book even more!