1. Tie-in merchandise that actually matches the movie.
    Most recent example is Tomorrowland. To me they dropped the ball on this one. The one item that anyone of any age would probably want a replica of is the pin and every version was off in some way. Wrong size. Wrong color. Wrong design. I'm sure there's some kind of burecratic reason as to why it's so tough to get it right but I'm still baffled that it still happens. The demand is there, now the product designers need to step up to the plate.
  2. Movie and Soundtrack/Score Bundles
    The only example of that I've seen and own is from The Terminal. It's one of those "I didn't know I needed it until I got it" deals but oftentimes I find myself humming tunes after I've seen a movie. Having the soundtrack available along with the movie is also a great plug for the combo pack trend. Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy/Soundtrack?! Sign me up!
  3. Complete Soundtracks
    Few things frustrate me more than purchasing a soundtrack only to find that it doesn't include every song featured in the movie. I understand there is probably copyright/royalty concerns that govern the studios and prevent this from becoming a reality, but when there are "alternate" versions of the songs featured on the soundtrack one can't but think the studio is being stingy.
  4. Got it Right
    Guardians of the Galaxy. Included songs from the trailer too.
  5. Worst Offender
    Just about every Quentin Tarantino soundtrack.
  6. Honorable Mention
    Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Features alternate version of "Black Sheep" a song that is prominently featured in the film. My friends and I had to do some trickery with a free music video download of the movie version to get the audio we desired.