Passing thoughts
  1. My hair looks so much better when I smile
  2. Everything's better with bacon and BBQ sauce
  3. My mood can shift in cahoots with the available Wi-fi speed
  4. If there were no paid politicians, could we self-govern?
  5. When artists like Paul Simon make a transcendent album like Graceland, why not do another one with Ladysmith Black Mumbazo (sp.?)? Are they afraid of getting typecast?
  6. Do I have to invent the convergence of TP and baby wipes or is someone more qualified gonna step up?
  7. Is it rude to simply say "hi" to a dog and not its walker?
  8. Yellow homes against green grass look really good most of the time
  9. Pennies are so outdated that I don't think nickels matter. It must be something economic
  10. No need to show me anything on your phone, thanks.
  11. Airlines have us over a barrel