Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. Spelling
    Which means there will now be a typo in this list!
  2. Being Nice to my dog
    She probably thinks I'm nice to everyone and I have totally fooled her! But seriously, she runs the house, and I have created a teeny tiny angel monster.
  3. Making homemade bread, it's ugly but it tastes like heaven!
  4. Math (particularly 4th graders' homework)
  5. Dancing... Hell-er! My name is Boogie!
  6. Staying still during an MRI
    I was a vampire in another life. I love resting in coffin-like setups. Wait, are vampires alive? Did I just break the world!?! 😳😬
  7. Crossing one eye only, then the other. (bonus: hideous photo included for proof!)
    *Sings Crazy Ex Girlfriend's song*🎶"I have friends, I definitely have friends!"🎶
  8. Changing my clothes while driving. Including bra if necessary.
  9. The very feminine sneeze-fart duo
  10. Putting salt on food. Soy sauce if I'm being Asian.
  11. Quoting Parks and Rec or The Office in the appropriate setting, when no one cares!
  12. Chopping onions without crying
  13. Getting marker on my hand when writing with a marker.
    I'm right handed, I assumed that was the follow up question.
  14. Ordering Gluten Free food for my mother as if she is a toddler. She is fully capable, I am just over protective.
    I have sent back every salad that has a crouton on it, and do not TEST ME. This was when I sent it back at Cheesecake Factory.
  15. Code switching.
    Example: "Hey Becky, were Ross and Rachel really on a break though? Let's go get pumpkin spice everything." vs "LaLishanda, Cookie betta not front and screw wit Lucius again, I wish she would...😒 Help me fry up this catfish."