Just any 3 things @mnickwrites ?
  1. Big but unimportant, my Bachelor's Degree
    I thought it meant something, I thought I'd have to prove I went to college, I thought I'd be more qualified than others. It just gave me four less years of work experience, and 3 semesters of adderall experience. Hello student loans! Look at that face, I was drunk with power that day.
  2. Small but precious, my Twiggy!
    I seem to like small things more than big things. There's nothing smaller that's more precious than my stubborn alpha female 3 pound chihuahua. That's my normal sized calf she is sleeping on, small dog not large calf, okay! So precious!
  3. Always excites me, a new book written by a comedian
    I am a Tuesday buyer in the humor section. I re-purchase when they are released on paperback. I love when comedians write about themselves or other people. There is no such thing as too much smart comedy. I have not yet tired of it.