Some facts, some opinions
  1. Megan Fox got her big break as the villain Brianna in their film Holiday in the Sun
    "I get what a want. And this winter break... I want Jordan."
  2. They were in 3 sitcoms, Full House, So Little Time, and Two of a Kind
  3. They have an older brother named Trent.
    They tried to sell him for 50 cents, then 25, then 10.
  4. Here's Trent's face
  5. You already know they have a sister Elizabeth
    She was rumored to date Tom Hiddleston
  6. They had a love interest in every movie after they were 12.
    Gave all us awkward kids unrealistic expectations!
  7. Mary Kate is the better one
  8. Ashley's middle name is Fuller
    Makes Fuller House even more of a missed opportunity
  9. They made the feature film, New York Minute and it flopped
  10. New York Minute was a weird movie
    But I saw it opening day. Some see it as a work of art.
  11. They hosted SNL the night of their (and my) senior prom
    We didn't go to the same high school. Our proms were just the same night in 2004.
  12. They played a girl looking into the mirror on a parody of that terrible show The Swan
  13. That was also Jimmy Fallon's final episode.
    They hosted the season finale, which is cool!
  14. The twins played sisters without a mother in more than half of their films
    Maybe this was because their dad was their manager and divorced their mom in real life?
  15. I celebrated their birthday on social media for the last 11 years.
    Just trust me. I never forget.
  16. They had a sleepover party straight to video movie
    Gimme pizza!
  17. They had a clothing line at WalMart
    I wasn't young enough to wear anything but their shoes
  18. Now they sell a $34,000 purse
    So, no one can afford it
  19. They got their star on the hollywood walk of fame.
    This photo fueled the rumors of an eating disorder
  20. Mary Kate checked into rehab for an eating disorder
    But inside sources say it was a bit of a nose candy addiction causing the weight loss.
  21. Mary Kate was on Weeds
  22. Ashley dated the groom from the Hangover movies
    Justin Bartha
  23. Mary Kate used to date David Katzenberg
    His dad founded DreamWorks
  24. They both went to NYC for a bit
    But went separate ways after over a year
  25. They have two fashion lines worth over a billion dollars
  26. Elizabeth and James
  27. The Row
  28. Mary Kate is the only one who would return as Michelle Tanner
    But she's busy smoking (shade thrown).
  29. Ashley has zero interest in acting ever again
  30. The two of them have been really good role models for me.
    I am 3 months older and really went through life at the same pace. I love these girls for just being themselves and attempting to survive without going "bad" or rebelling. They made me happy for basically 28 years.