Thanks @mnickwrites for the request. My homie!
  1. Punch.
    There was an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast that I watched in the olden days, and he and his friends spent about 4 minutes only saying the word punch. The word lost all meaning and I never laughed harder.
  2. Recess.
    I have a hint of a lisp, and this is the hardest word for me to hide the lisp. My tongue just goes limp after you say it 10 times. If you aren't sure if you have a lisp, go ahead and say recess out loud, and again, and again. If your tongue still works, congrats... No lisp!
  3. Rural (Juror)
    Either word, yo. This is a two for one special! I can't even say it twice, but it sounds quite dumb the first time, so we can all chuckle it up 😂
  4. Who
    The more you say this word, the harder it is to explain why it is spelled this way. Also, it sounds ridiculous because its like the worlds worst whistle!
  5. Bubbles
    You have to say it about 15 times straight, but eventually you are saying Bawbles and you look like an idiot! It's a "laughing at you" not a "laughing with you" moment on this one. Bawbles! 😍