1. Anchorman
    It makes me laugh 60% of the time, every time.
  2. Baby Mama
    "Oooh ooooooh!"
  3. Clueless
    "How do ya know if ya doin it sporadically?"
  4. Drumline
    [cool drum sounds]
  5. Empire Records
    "Well Sinead O'Rebellion, shock me shock me shock me with that deviant behavior!"
  6. Friends With Benefits
    I also blink weird every time I say a curse word. Plus, bananas in the fridge don't make you Puerto Rican 😂
  7. Ghostbusters 2016
    I ain't afraid of no ghost! Except I super am, and I want Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones to save the day.
  8. High School Musical 2
    I was 23 when this came out and I sure as heck saw it in the theaters. I need fabulous!
  9. Inside Out
    Broccoli is disgusting. Sadness makes Joy even sweeter.
  10. Love, Actually
    Nothing says romance like a couple of cheating spouses with British accents.
  11. Mean Girls
    "You can't you ask people why they're white!"
  12. Popstar
    Never stop never stopping
  13. Sisters
    My safe word is "keep going"
  14. Trainwreck
    "What's wrong with you that you want to be with me?"
  15. Vegas Vacation
    Nick Papagiorgio!
  16. Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins
    "The black Paris Hilton sissified you off the swine."
  17. I gave up. I don't watch scary, suspenseful, classic, or normal movies. Just light comedies that came out while I was alive.
    Plus all the best movies start with B and S! That's BS 🙊