Inspired by @blisssara; sprinkled with photos from my birthday party because the year is almost over and I may not have another chance to use them.
  1. Ambivert
    Little bit of an extrovert, lotta bit of an introvert
  2. Bossy
    I'm bossy like that Kelis song that came out before half of you were born
  3. Caregiver
    Tell me you are sick and you are getting soup or nyquil. I'm aggressive with my caregiving.
  4. Defiant
    You tell me not to do something. I now HAVE to do it. You tell me to do something (like be married with children by 30) and now I may NEVER do it.
  5. Entertaining
    Go on a road trip with me and tell me you didn't enjoy the full concert experience I give while I drive. Triple Threat, I can sing, dance, and drive. Except I can't sing or drive well.
  6. Fussy
    Mostly with food. I don't think I have ever gone two days in a row without getting frustrated having to feed myself. I hate almost every food. The stuff I like I'm allergic to.
  7. Game
    Organized fun! Following rules means having fun!
  8. Here
    Some people are hard to get a hold of, some people aren't. I've had the same phone number for 14 years. I'm not going anywhere.
  9. Instigator
    Maybe this is more how I think I am than how I really am, because I have no examples.
  10. Jokester
    I'm serious 15% of the time. That leaves a lot for jokester-ing!
  11. Knowledge
    I am full of useless trivia. Remember how I can tell both Mary Kate/Ashley and Joaquin/Julian Castro apart?! When will I EVER need to know that?!
  12. Light
    I'm real good at keeping relationships easy breezy. I don't care for drama just for dramas sake.
  13. Mama's Girl
    I'm not gonna stop now.
  14. Nocturnal
    I'm never sleeping.
  15. Open
    This is new. That's's fault. Because look at my next bullet.
  16. Private
    When you take out of the equation, most people know nothing about me. I hate when people know private stuff, so I never tell them. I never even refer to exes by their gender. Instead of exboyfriend I'd say my former significant other.
  17. Questions
    If you let me, I will question everything endlessly. You know how 3 year olds say "why?" "why?" "why?" Um, consider me three yo.
  18. Routine
    I think I'm such a free spirit, but my dog made it clear that I do the same exact stuff at the same time everyday. I even kiss her at the same point in our walk towards the front door. She goes in for the kiss!
  19. Sassy
    Three snaps in a Z formation (another reference that happened before half of you were born!)
  20. Tolerant
    My family calls my apartment the "House of Tolerance" as if that is an insult. I love people being different. I love getting better at embracing folks
  21. Underestimated
    Not sure why, but people don't think I'm smart. Continue to underestimate me. I'll sneak in and junk-punch you.
  22. Verbal!
    Updated after meeting @marykathryn, and this is a better descriptor than "vagina owner" 😂
  23. Wuss
    Heights, bridges, scary movies, Barron's dad. I'm scared by all of those things!
  24. Xenophobe? Hell nah!
    It was that or Xylophone guys!
  25. Youths!
    I'm old now, so I can call you guys youths.
  26. Zealous
    I'm gonna change the world! Contradicting my own personality at every turn. 😉