1. My cousin is going through what will likely end in a divorce. She and I are both family and also friends.
  2. Her husband cheated while he was deployed and decided he'd rather cheat than raise their 3 kids and support my cousin, a stay at home mom.
  3. I have never gotten along with her husband. He was her first and only boyfriend, he is a dominant personality as am I. She is not.
  4. She is trying to stay with him, which I understand.
  5. He is determined to leave which I also understand.
    Although I am on her side, I know him leaving her will eventually make her life richer in experiences
  6. Anyways, here's where I need advice: She knows I saw the writing on the wall years ago, and repeatedly encouraged her to get an education or a source of income.
    I never ever suggested her leaving him. Just wanted her to have a backup.
  7. She ignored my advice for years, and did what he told her. Requiring her to fully rely on him.
    He even convinced her to have a 3rd kid when she didn't want any more. Just to keep her from working.
  8. Now that he wants out, she is kissing his butt and sucking up to him constantly.
  9. But she's pissed that he cheated. Instead of taking it out on him, which would cost her her livelihood, identity, financial security... She is taking it out on me and her sister.
  10. She's embarrassed that what I said would happen YEARS AGO, happened.
    I'm NOT happy I was right. I prayed he'd prove me wrong.
  11. How the hell do I support a person who is going out of her way to bring me down to her depression?
    She is being a massive biatch, ignores me constantly, asks for stuff and never says thank you, and shuts off her phone when she sees I'm calling.
  12. Also, when I have been through hard times, she has NEVER been supportive. She disappears. She is a taker. Not a giver.
  13. I'm mad as hell at her, and I want to call her out, but it's clear to me that she think she is the only person on Earth who has ever been through a rough patch.
  14. To complicate things more, we now live closer than ever and her kids are my favorite kids in the world.
  15. How do I keep her depression from becoming contagious? And/or ruining our relationship forever?