Inspired by @andersun
  1. Do NOT compare your journey to your peer's journey. Everyone is lying and you will never know if you are comparing your real life to their highlight reel
  2. Don't check facebook on your work computer!
    It's a millennial stereotype and they are waiting for you to do it. Trust me. Stay off your phone too.
  3. Mention your age rarely to never, because everyone is older than you and it does no good to make people feel old.
  4. Drink water a lot, especially between alcoholic drinks. Hangovers are about to last longer than they did at 19.
  5. Ladies: "I'm sorry" is a phrase you need to use a maximum of once a week in emails.
    This is the reason there is a pay gap. We take the blame for EVERYTHING. Stop it.
  6. Ladies again: don't let boys put their name ahead of yours just because they are boys. Every time I see a list of 5 names of coworkers in the same department at the same rank, the men are listed first.
    Don't let them have that either!
  7. Guys: don't expect to be listed first because you can sit with your legs open.
  8. Guys: never ever ever call a receptionist or office manager a secretary. It's basically telling them to go make you a sandwich.
  9. Always boo when Betsy DeVos tries to do a commencement speech
    This could happen at any time. Be prepared.
  10. Congrats!