Inspired by @kelrie
  1. I'm Boogie
    Technically my name is Christina. I answer to both.
  2. I've been on this app for several months, but am just now getting the hang of it.
  3. I recently turned 30 and my work/family made it a very special birthday
  4. My dog Twiggy spends all of my disposable income
    I call her my gold nugget. She cost as much in her first year (by weight) as gold (by the same weight).
  5. I work as an event planner
    My happy place is an empty convention center the day before a huge event
  6. I rescue and foster puppies when I can
    But I have commitment issues, so fostering has to be short term
  7. I am a chronic insomiac
    Several doctors have given up on trying to make me sleep. I now see a sleep-neurologist
  8. In the past year I overcame an addiction.
    Ambien addiction may not sound serious to some, but it ran my life. Not to mention I gained 10 pounds a year for 7 years on that stuff thanks to ambien-induced sleep eating.
  9. I have a small Zumba obsession
    My parents buy me Zumba clothes because they are sick of me gaining weight.
  10. I think wine goes well with breakfast.
  11. If you are what you eat, I'd be a potato
  12. I love li.sters!