Requested by @aus10
Thanks neighbor, aka @aus10 for the request!
  1. This is a two parter because my life is split into two time periods, BDA, ADA.
  2. BDA - Before my dairy allergy I used to really love brightly colored ice cream.
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  6. There is one called Superman Ice Cream that I think I had at Baskin Robbins in High School.
    I also LURVED cotton candy flavored anything.
  7. It's the best, I wouldn't care if it was vanilla because I love eating things that look like they'd taste good.
    I stopped ordering it after high school because people would give me crap for eating "kid" ice cream in my 20s.
  8. I should also add, I'm not even a dessert person. I keep wanting to tell you about pasta.
    Okay, as we were!
  9. ADA - After finding out I had a dairy allergy, I stopped having dessert because it's basically impossible. Especially at restaurants.
    Fun activity, next time you go to a restaurant, flip to the dessert section and find something without heavy cream, cream cheese, ice cream, or butter. It's usually the nuts they put on top, lol.
  10. Vegan or dairy free stuff is almost never pretty. Most vegans don't do food coloring, but I'm no vegan. Color my damn food, industry!
  11. But... on my birthday, my mom and sister found a vegan bakery!
  12. I can't find the picture, all I have is a video
    (@listbot can we please attach 15 second videos please?)
  13. So here is a picture I stole from the interwebs!
    They make colorful cakes that won't put me in the hospital!
  14. They got me a white cake with strawberry filling and then lemon curd on the second tier. It was so good, I ate it for dinner for 5 days. Didn't taste vegan AT ALL!
    Whatever Tom!
  15. Sidenote, to my vegans and dairy frees: there is a brand of ice cream at Whole Foods called NadaMoo and it's so creamy, you'll die! But the good kind of death. Not the end of life death.
    It's my second favorite vegan dessert. CC: @talor @aliciamcelhaney