Covers through season 7 because that's all that exist. (Not comprehensive, all from memory)
  1. Drug Testing (Season 2, after Michael's Birthday)
    This was the final episode filmed in season two, and Pam's great mood is actually Jenna's great mood. So funny. I never watch this episode without commentary on.
  2. The Job (Season 3 Finale)
    This one has so much good stuff from Jenna and Rashida. She says she was scared to call Pam "a bitch" because of the Office Fans possible backlash.
  3. Basketball (Season 1, episode 5)
    John and Greg Daniels are the best. Plus this one has Steve, which is rare. Steve even apologizes for humming "Sweet Georgia Brown" because it cost the show money to buy the rights. David actually made John's nose bleed and they kept filming.
  4. Goodbye, Michael (Season 7)
    I admit I love this one because I needed more before Steve left. Its beautiful. All the tears are real tears.
  5. Money (Season 4, episode 4?)
    Hour long episodes have the best commentaries! This one talks about a prank(!) John played on Jenna. He turned the heater on in her car seat and she started complaining about a sweaty butt. Paul directed this one and you can tell it's his baby.
  6. The Secret (Season 2, after Booze Cruise)
    The actors aren't famous yet, so they really are normal people just being friends. John says Creed's line "which one is Pam?" Is his favorite in the show.
  7. Happy Hour (Season 6, some episode after the Delivery)
    Angela Kinsey is 180° from Angela Martin. She is so bubbly and she talks about the girl Date Mike was trying to impress. They worked together years ago. Also, BJ or Brian said they think it'd be crazy if Creed died while filming the episode.
  8. Beach Games (Season 3, one before finale)
    Jen Celotta is a huge fan and writes for the show. She loves these characters. They said Dwight may have died in real life if he spent THAT much time on the hot coals.
  9. Company Picnic (Season 5 finale)
    So this one is a similar episode to to Beach Games and even the commentary is similar. But they talk about how Jenna had an injury and her spiking the ball was CGI! Also, Steve and Amy improv'd some of the best lines. Plus Tanster from Office Tally gets her cameo.