Best Episodes of Television 📂

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  1. Arrested Development, Pilot
    The characters were so fleshed out. It's not only a perfect pilot, it's a perfect episode.
  2. SNL, Josh Brolin October 2008
    This was 2 weeks before the 08 election and 6 days before Amy Poehler gave birth. Sarah Palin visited for this episode, so there was a ton of extra energy on set. The host is not important, really. However, the musical guest was a cute 19 year old British mostly unknown singer, Adele.
  3. The Office, Dinner Party, Season 4
    This was the first episode after the long and painful writers strike. Everyone in the country had been stuck watching crappy reality TV for 5 months or more. Scripted shows were sorely missed, not just by viewers, but by actors and writers. This episode is everyone bringing their A-game. Particularly the Charades game is some of the funniest writing on planet earth.
  4. Parks and Recreation, The Fight, Season 3
    The characters all got outside of their formula. Leslie and Ann got in a fight, Ben cut loose, Ron got giggly, Donna was on a cleanse, they got to have fun. I always love some Douche, plus Jean Ralphio raps (terribly!). They even found a way to make Rashida look hungover. She's a beautiful sophisticated newborn baby.
  5. Happy Endings, She Got Game Night
    "Magic Ann? Your mom named you that?"
  6. This Is Us, Memphis
    It was the beauty of the show, the beauty of black love, the beauty of how your future and your past can make your life so sweet.
  7. I would have more, but @list hates us, so I can't do more digging without losing the draft. Maybe I'll add to it later.
    Probably not. Suck it HQ
  8. Comedy Bang Bang, Jenna Fischer Wears a Floral Blouse & Black Heels
    The portion with Taran Killam and Paul Britton is worth it's weight in gold. This is from Season 3 and it's on Netflix.
  9. Broad City, B&B NYC
    I think I watched this episode 10 times the weekend after I saw it live. It's so funny and it just gets better and better by the minute! Blake Griffin's cameo is amazing.
  10. BoJack Horseman, "That's Too Much Man"
    This is sort of a tricky one because the payoff of this episode's writing only works if you watched the previous episodes. This is the best one, and I'm not telling you why. But watch all the other (25 or 30 episodes) first.
  11. Blackish, "Hope"
    This was a Season 2 episode about police brutality. It was spot on with how I feel and what I discuss with my family when we see another shooting on TV. They actually predicted the following shooting, which was eerie. But they happen so often, eventually all hypotheticals will be real. It was a bottle episode, they stayed in the living room and just talked. Watch it. See what we go through.
  12. Master of None: Thanksgiving
    Beautiful! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  13. Chuck Versus the Honeymooners
    Two entire fight sequences with Chuck and Sarah handcuffed together. They pretend to be on their honeymoon, and it's just jam packed with funny and action. Season 3, ep 14.