Boys I Would Like To Handcuff Myself To

Inspired by @lexie_elyse
  1. Michael B Jordan
    We could stop here.
  2. Rembert Browne
    I know you don't know who he is. But he's an integral member of Black Twitter.
  3. Kid Cudi
    Once he's all better.
  4. Sterling K Brown
    I'll hold the Emmy for ya boo boo
  5. Jesse Williams
    Full disclosure I am much more attracted to his mind than his body. I don't usually go for guys with light eyes.
  6. Jamie Camil
    He really pops in Lavender
  7. Lamorne Morris
    Like if perchance we met. Wuh wuh wuh Winston
  8. Benny Schwaa
    Oh, I guess you guys know him as Ben Schwartz.
  9. That's all. Is it weird this list is easier for girls I'd want to be handcuffed to?
    Should I look into that? Lol.