Christmas Stress Is Back 😭

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    I thought I could distract myself long enough to make it to 12/26, but no.
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    Thanks to the m f-ing rain, I now had a panic attack about driving 3 hours to Austin.
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    It's going to rain any of the 3 days I can go.
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    You think it's just rain, it could rain any year right? Well sure but here's why I'm flipping out.
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    I can't drive in rain. I am a scared driver. I never drive in rain. I avoid it by always having my sister drive my car down for Austin (usually 12/23) and I drive myself back on a flexible day before New Years.
    There is room to work around the weather.
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    This year, my sister screwed me over by staying in town and leaving my mom and stepdad in Austin, while my dad's whole gang comes up to Dallas.
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    Now I have to go to Austin or my mom is all alone. I am driving my cousin from the Dallas airport to her sisters house, an hour north of Austin.
    This is what screwed me even more.
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    At this point I want to burn Christmas to the ground. I am so pissed that I have to drive in the rain and work around so many stupid angles to make my spoiled rotten sister's Christmas perfect.
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    But I can't skip it. I have to get my cousin to her sister. This cousin is just as scared of driving in the rain as I am.
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    I hate everything. I'm so pissed I want to break everything breakable. No one even cares if I show up, however I get to have 3 solid hours of hyperventilating just to pretend like my mom cares at all that I'm coming.
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    I'm not sure I've ever been more mad. I hate Christmas this year. Hate it.
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    Why do these people even pretend like I'm a person? They know they don't care about me. I'm smad!
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    I just want to runaway. 😭😭😭😩😩😩
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    @celestestelle @jennifergster @Jaycer17 @elmospimpingme @aliciamcelhaney @bsizzle33 @hillary79 @cvlop61 which one of you knows voodoo? Because the rain has left the forecast!
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