1. I thought I could distract myself long enough to make it to 12/26, but no.
  2. Thanks to the m f-ing rain, I now had a panic attack about driving 3 hours to Austin.
  3. It's going to rain any of the 3 days I can go.
  4. You think it's just rain, it could rain any year right? Well sure but here's why I'm flipping out.
  5. I can't drive in rain. I am a scared driver. I never drive in rain. I avoid it by always having my sister drive my car down for Austin (usually 12/23) and I drive myself back on a flexible day before New Years.
    There is room to work around the weather.
  6. This year, my sister screwed me over by staying in town and leaving my mom and stepdad in Austin, while my dad's whole gang comes up to Dallas.
  7. Now I have to go to Austin or my mom is all alone. I am driving my cousin from the Dallas airport to her sisters house, an hour north of Austin.
    This is what screwed me even more.
  8. At this point I want to burn Christmas to the ground. I am so pissed that I have to drive in the rain and work around so many stupid angles to make my spoiled rotten sister's Christmas perfect.
  9. But I can't skip it. I have to get my cousin to her sister. This cousin is just as scared of driving in the rain as I am.
  10. I hate everything. I'm so pissed I want to break everything breakable. No one even cares if I show up, however I get to have 3 solid hours of hyperventilating just to pretend like my mom cares at all that I'm coming.
  11. I'm not sure I've ever been more mad. I hate Christmas this year. Hate it.
  12. Why do these people even pretend like I'm a person? They know they don't care about me. I'm smad!
  13. I just want to runaway. 😭😭😭😩😩😩
  14. Update!
    @celestestelle @jennifergster @Jaycer17 @elmospimpingme @aliciamcelhaney @bsizzle33 @hillary79 @cvlop61 which one of you knows voodoo? Because the rain has left the forecast!
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