Judging by their social media accounts and general bragging.
  1. Get engaged to a black Christian male who they approve of that asked for Dad's permission before an over-the-top proposal.
    Dubai on New Years Eve. Hashtag proud
  2. Get married to that person in an over-the-top ceremony that makes it look like your child is wealthy or marrying well.
    Dad must walk you down the aisle, your dress must be white, and you can not eat the full year before your wedding. Hashtag proud.
  3. Have a child more than 9 months after the lavish wedding so they can stick their nose up at other people who raised children that were *gasp* pregnant at their wedding.
    This baby should be born 10-11 months after the honeymoon, ideally. Oh, and the baby must be born without an epidural or C-section if there is no emergency. Hashtag so proud.
  4. Giphy