Nothing graphic below, I promise! Excuse the word jumble, just getting bits of info as it comes in.
  1. Charles Kinsey is a therapist who works with special needs patients in Miami.
  2. Kinsey was sitting on the ground talking to his 23 year old autistic patient who was rumored to have run off while threatening suicide.
  3. The cops were called for the protection of the patient.
  4. They arrived after Kinsey had retrieved his missing patient.
  5. The cop or cops shot the therapist while his hands were up, and he was on the ground.
  6. This photo was taken immediately before he was shot.
  7. They shot him in his leg. They shot him 3 times.
  8. They proceeded to handcuff him.
  9. Charles Kinsey survived this ordeal.
  10. The cop's reason for shooting him was "I don't know"
  11. Read the full story here.
  12. Black Lives Matter
  13. This guy complied, de-escalated a situation he was trained to handle, and still got shot.
  14. I can't make coherent sentences now, because this story makes no sense.
    I haven't seen anyone able to defend the cops this time.