Full Disclosure, my downstairs neighbor is smoking so much low quality weed that I may have a contact-high by the time POTUS is on stage.
  1. "What the world needs now, is love sweet love"
    Beautiful song by about 400 broadway stars. I cry every time that song is sung live
  2. Gabby Giffords
    I missed what she said, but saw her smiling face!
  3. Dr. Biden
    Gosh I love her! I love that the doctor in this family is the mama!
  4. VP Biden opens with the Violence against Women Act.
    I studied this in Women's History in '06 and became a huge supporter of Uncle Joe.
  5. Joe Biden says his favorite word. Malarkey!
    He spoke for less than 20 minutes and controlled the crowd well. Fun fact: Malarkey can be spelled with or without an E. Both are correct.
  6. Bloomberg made a good point for independents
    Played the old billionaire vs billionaire game we've been waiting for. "I didn't borrow a million dollars from my dad to get started." Burn. "Richest thing about Donald Trump is his hypocrisy."
  7. Tim Kaine
    He was just so attractive in his youth. Never underestimate the power of a sidekick. This soft spoken guy is a breath of fresh air. On twitter, Mara Wilson says "Tim Kaine is everyone's second favorite substitute Spanish teacher." Let me leave these three words to describe him: Affable as hell.
  8. POTUS
    Crowd chants "yes we did!" First part is basically a state of the union. Democracy isn't a spectator sport. "Not sure if they had their birth certificates..." (Shade) "Show the world you still believe in this incredible journey."