Dogs I Met While Volunteering Today (Vol 2)

  1. Delta
    He is two pounds and has a lady name. But I love him.
  2. Rico
    4 month old puppy who will kiss and cuddle anyone.
  3. Piglet
    One year old applehead chihuahua who got adopted! This is her new mama!
  4. Socks
    Humpy boy. He humps the air. He's fixed, they all are, but some of us are just humpers. He has white socks on his paws.
  5. Millie
    Same girl from last time
  6. Tillie
    Millie's thinner sister.
  7. Delta
  8. Muffin
    4 people are trying to adopt her today!
  9. Pearl
    Long haired chihuahua mix
  10. Summer
    She's a biter. She stayed with me for a week and I had no issues, but she hates these events.
  11. Harley
    They joke that she is a teacup husky. She's just adorable and her eyes are ice blue. She's 4 months old. We have no clue what breed(s) she is
  12. Delta
  13. Charlie the Chocolate Chihuahua
    The loudest dog on earth. He's in the crate because he climbs out and runs. He's the Usain Bolt of dogs. So we aren't chancing it.
  14. Delta and Rico
  15. Delta
  16. Delta
  17. and Delta!
  18. I would never pick favorites 😂
  19. Bonus Harley photo
    Not much curl in the tail to me @moonjockey, but she is only 3 months, so she is soft everywhere.