These are the things I have jotted down in the middle of the night to remember the next morning. Obviously this will be a running list.
  1. Static
    I have NO IDEA. All I remember is laughing so hard in my dream last night that I laughed in real life and woke myself up. I just kept laughing and it took me over 2 minutes to type this in between belly laughter. I guess someone had to eat diapers in the dream? Wtf?
  2. Static
    Um, I think living for 200 years was what made me laugh. The masses have already reached cheesecake equality. Everyone knows that, Kevin. But again, the laughter woke me up.
  3. Apparently I had deja vu within my own dream.
    I don't watch shows with guns, so I am not sure why I KEEP seeing automatic weapons on the streets of my dreams.
  4. Dude, weird one last night
    I have no idea. Her dress was like if she got gastric bypass two years ago and never had it altered. She found it to be beautiful. Can grooms miss the wedding and still have it count? Is he a writer or a musician? Wtf?!
  5. I woke up remembering all of this one, so I typed it awake.
    No animals were harmed in this dream.
  6. Static
  7. Not even that far fetched
    Btw, I like my long chin.
  8. Static
  9. This is a pillow person. DJ Tanner had one on Full House
  10. I make corny jokes inside my own dreams
    My brother in law has never played a video game to my knowledge.
  11. Ground Beef Thief
    Duplex mess
  12. Mansion for the bus
    @supercommonname makes an appearance in this dream.
  13. Dreamt I was in prison for 10 days for not having health insurance while switching jobs. The prison was at the hotel where I wanted to start working and I didn't want them to find out I had a record now. I called every day to see if the position was still available.
    Chelsea Peretti was there and had been because she had 150 days to serve. Um, Luke Perry and Jason Priestly stopped by and I couldn't decide which one was my favorite back in their prime and they made me decide, so I went with Jason. How you knew it was prison, they only served dinner type food for every meal, so people ate burgers and salmon for breakfast. I spent the whole time living off tortilla chips. My parents found out I was in prison and stopped by to check for sure and were mad.
  14. Went to some all natural place where things had no preservatives and stuff. Like super healthy hippie place. Then I found some stuff in a vaseline tub with a vaseline texture that says "includes spearmint for fresh breath"
    I dreamt that vaseline was toothpaste. WTF?