Inspired by @jonmichaelwxyz
  1. 2000 - Al Gore
    Okay, I was 14 and this is a picture of me at a free OTown concert. I have Trevor's name written on my cheeks. But I wanted to vote for Gore! Especially once hanging chads came into the equation. Holy Moly!
  2. 2004 - John Kerry (absentee)
    This is me chilling in the chair at mom's house while I'm home from college. I lived in Louisiana and have a strong feeling my vote never got counted. There's no picture of me voting because it was as interesting as licking a stamp okay.
  3. 2008 - Barack H Obama
    Don't mind me, just chillin at the inauguration of the first black president. Never felt that great in my life. I felt like I was actually allowed to live in this country for the first time. Like I didn't need to ask permission because the man with the highest office looked like all my uncles. I think I floated that day. My feet never touched the ground.
  4. 2012 - Who do you think?
    I drove to Austin even though I had already moved to Dallas. I wanted that blue county to be navy blue. Deep dark blue. Sure the heck was!
  5. 2016 - Hillary Clinton
    I have always said, I am black first and a woman second. Hopefully I'm getting my POTUSes(POTi?) in the same order! This is just what I look like now. Older, way way more tolerant. Plus, obsessed with politics. But that's not new, it's just harder to shut me up these days. My positions aren't accidents. I back them up, yo!
  6. Blue Texan! We aren't going anywhere!