Faces of The Resistance

  1. There was a thinkpiece (twitter thread) that says the face of the Resistance is not a white male. This movement is owned by men of color and women of all colors.
  2. Promising to leave out white males (even Jon Favreau! @theshome) I want to know who you feel is leading the resistance.
  3. I'll start!
  4. Ted Lieu
  5. Nancy Pelosi
  6. Al Green
    First to call for impeachment on the House floor. Representing Houston 🙌
    Suggested by   @hillary79
  7. Maxine Waters
    Suggested by   @jessilee23
  8. Suggested by   @jessilee23
  9. Suggested by   @karlalucia
  10. Rep. Teresa Alonso León (D-OR)
    Suggested by   @mme_cacahuete
  11. Linda Sarsour
    Organized the Womxn's March.
    Suggested by   @aprilyee
  12. Deray McKesson
    Former public school teacher known for his leadership in #blacklivesmatter Baltimore
    Suggested by   @aprilyee
  13. Ana Navarro
    A Republican Never-Trumper from Florida, frequent CNN contributor, trolling level: expert.
    Suggested by   @aprilyee
  14. Kamala Harris
    Serving her first term in U.S. Senate representing California, former California Attorney General. Specialized in prosecutorial law, incredibly driven and results-oriented.
    Suggested by   @aprilyee
  15. Pramila Jayapal
    Serving her first term representing the state of Washington's 7th congressional district. Led and founded community-based advocacy group OneAmerica to lobby state legislature for immigration reform. Outspoken and for the people.
    Suggested by   @aprilyee
  16. The ACLU
    Their President is a woman, their Exec Director is a Latino gay man, and they have a ton of diversity in all their chapters too!
    Suggested by   @MissJess
  17. Angela "Eye Roll" Rye
  18. DavidT66
    Me, I have joined a grassroots organization here in Indiana. Everyone needs to start contacting their representatives on a regular basis.
    Suggested by   @DavidT66
  19. Debra Messing
  20. A woman's place is in the resistance!
    Carrie's influence knows no death.
    Suggested by   @moonjockey
  21. Lauren Duca from Teen Vogue.
    Suggested by   @Equivokate
  22. Cecile Richards
    Resist. She just said 86% of the calls and faxes coming into Congress are from women. We are the resistance.
  23. Senator Tammy Duckworth
    Suggested by   @1derpuppy
  24. Senator Elisabeth Warren: who persists in speaking truth to power, protecting the rights and access to decent, necessary health care for women, and consumer financial protections for EVERYONE.
    Suggested by   @1derpuppy
  25. Senator Mazie Hirono
    Badass out of Hawaii 🌴🌺
    Suggested by   @dreadpiratemama
  26. Cory Booker
    I love how he responds to all of his trolls with utter kindness, but he fights so hard for what he thinks is right. Also, massive points for Parks & Rec cameo
    Suggested by   @dreadpiratemama
  27. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
    Suggested by   @cordeliane
  28. Actress Alyssa Milano
    Who knew? Her feed is active and interesting.
    Suggested by   @cordeliane
  29. Preet Bahara