Thanks for the request @katrinacullingworth, and even bigger thanks for using the "u" in favourite! I'll do first names I guess, because last names aren't as fun or unique. I'll do guy girl until I run out. Hard finding photos for hypothetical people. Ready? Steady? Freddie! (But, officially, Freddie is not on the list)
  1. Gabriel
    This name is every Pastor's son. Usually the youngest son of the family with four kids. Gabriel is chubby until he's 13 and then he blossoms. Just a good guy and never uses the phrase "boys will be boys." Gabriel is the only guy your friends let drive you home when you are too drunk because he never takes advantage.
  2. Denise
    Two important chicks were named Denise in my formative years. Both happened to be black(ish) chicks with plenty to say. I think I was a Denise in another life. Btw, I'm referring to Denise Huxtable and Denise from Full House played by Jurnee Smollett.
  3. Elijah
    This is a kid that just rebels when he knows better. Maybe he needs some attention, but I think he is angry his parents had such high expectations for him and couldn't take the pressure. He's doing his best.
  4. Sasha
    This chick is a magnet, she doesn't even do anything and people are into her. She sets trends by accident, she just forgot a hair tie and put a pencil in her hair to keep it out of her face. Everyone has a pencil bun by next week. She has "it" and may graduate without knowing everyone was obsessed with her. Except she wins prom queen and thinks it's a prank when they call her name. It's not, she's a big deal.
  5. James
    There is a reason this is a classic. If this isn't your grandad's name, it's your bff's grandad's name. He's masculine. He lets you stand on his feet when you practice slow dancing. He always throws back the fish he catches. You can't go wrong, this is the name.
  6. Sunny
    Don't ask why! This person forces you to smile by merely existing. They are happy, they are vibrant, vitamin D is in their name.
  7. Isaiah
    Mini story - My friend was pregnant with a boy and couldn't decide on a name, so for a placeholder, we called her belly bump Isaiah. She later named the actual kid Carter. I think Isaiah's are mama's boys, they can be quiet and they'll take you to prom even if they go to a different school just because your moms are friends. He's clutch, and you "friend zone" him until he takes his glasses off! (Lol, nah)
  8. Jillian
    This is a fun name because it serves two purposes, it's a silly little sister name, but it easily becomes the adult name Jill. This girl is a work hard play hard. Her nickname in the family is SillyJilly and she loves sour patch kids at the movie theater! For some reason she also always watches the World Series but no other baseball games.
  9. Kenneth
    This is a tall guy, even if he is short, he stands tall. He was one of the few people who wasn't awkward in middle school. He only needed braces in 5th grade so no one saw him with food in his teeth because he transferred here in 6th grade. He likes sports and kind of hates going to class.
  10. Amy
    This girl will forever defend her friends, she will judge you for judging anyone. She holds people to a higher standard because she is a change maker. Knowing her makes you more confident. Thinking "what would Amy do?" Makes you feel like Shera. Every Amy is a superhero. They are like social workers for self esteem.