Inspired by @aj_oppen
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    First Piercing
    I got my ears pierced when I was 3 months old. Pretty sure that's the earliest you could bejewel your child and I think it was so people would call your baby "she" instead of "it." In this photo you can see my forehead V, my parents call it bunny ears. My forehead has a lot of expressions. I have never had anything else pierced since the summer of '86.
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    First Accent
    I spent several months speaking in a British accent. My first full sentences were like Julie Andrews. I'm from California as are my parents. No one knows why I did this, or where I picked it up.
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    First Car
    I think this is a Playskool 1990s model. Drove very smooth, great gas mileage. Just hated not having a spot for passengers! Plus, where am I supposed to put my purse and groceries? It was an impulse buy, and my CPA advised against it. I made a more frugal purchase later in life.
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    First big move
    California to Austin, easy transition. Both weird.
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    First Nickname
    Boogie. It stuck!
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    First Teacher
    Mrs Paladino, preschool. I spelled her name "Pallaninno" on the back of this school photo. That was pretty close for a 4 year old. Take all the time you need finding my angelic smile in the crowd of adorably diverse children 😇. (None of whom went to the same kindergarten. They spread the ethnics out in the suburb schools.)
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    First Kiss
    Truth or Dare. I think I thought one should eat the others entire face in one motion. I was super proud of myself, almost got his whole face in my mouth!
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    First Concert
    Nsync in San Antonio. Our seats were 2 miles from the stage. It was a horrible waste of money. Yet magical.
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    First Date to a Dance
    Awkward... Well, Freshman year of college I was not technically allowed to date, but I was allowed to go to the Homecoming dance with a friend of the opposite gender. I chose Nick. Very small man, very gay, and I don't think we hung out at all once we walked into the dance. He wasn't openly gay until we were 25 and I knew since 1st grade. He's standing on a box in that picture, I was a foot taller than him.
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    First Job
    I was a party hostess at the poor man's version of Chuck E. Cheese. I picked the job just to have the title of party hostess. Funny enough, I'm still an event planner! Just I no longer work in pizza.
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    First Boyfriend
    My friends lovingly referred to us as Mama and Papa Smackers. We kissed anywhere and everywhere. He's getting married this year. But we have been broken up for 14 years, and I dumped him. So, I'll get over it soon. Dumb Reason I Refuse To Follow One Li.ster I Like A Lot
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    First Time I Got Drunk
    Really pretty much the only time I got drunk. Right after high school graduation. THE FIRST TIME I GOT DRUNK
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    First College
    I wanted to be blacker since I grew up around white kids. I went to Grambling State University. "G-S-G-S-G-S-U-U-U. I thought you knew, biatch!" I transferred immediately when I realized I despised Louisiana.
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    First Broadway Show (actually on Broadway)
    Chicago! I knew every word to every song thanks to the movie coming out a year or two before! Several people in the movie were in the live show. But they rotate "celebrities" in the Richard Gere part and we got to see Joey Lawrence in the role. He was actually great. Mario Lopez was the week or so before. 🎶And then he ran into my knife. He ran into my knife. ten. times. 🔪🔪 🎶
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    First awkward ending to a list that has no obvious ending
    Now, November 5, 2016.