I have been bullied almost endlessly at work. I have been mistreated and under-appreciated for a while. Life is beating me down. At the same time this group of amazing people have been supporting me spoiling me and lifting me up. Not sure how I'd survive without them.
  1. I went to meet @karlalucia for brunch today. I saw a duck on my way there so she arrived before I did.
    I don't live near water.
  2. When I arrived, Karla had a pretty box waiting on the table for me.
    We purposely found a place with booze because we both had a doozy of a work week.
  3. Inside the box were gifts all the way from Canada via the one and only @theshome! Along with some from Karla as well
    I had no clue why I was getting gifts because Karla and I both already celebrated our birthdays. But it turns out these chicks just put together a care package to cheer me up.
  4. Wanna see what was inside? It's a lot!
  5. A Canadian card that pretty explicitly says that I can legally move there once Cashew milk is sold in bags.
    And a ton of sweet stuff that I am not sharing with any of you! Between me and my Shoma
  6. Canadian Candy for moi
    See, I'm already partially speaking en français!
  7. Canadian candy for Twigs!
  8. She's so obsessed she tried to eat through the bag 🤷🏽‍♀️
  9. I got my favourite phrase on a grey tshirt!
    I'm about to persist their asses off at work. Suck it
  10. Karla got me an entire magazine devoted to forever-FLOTUS
    She didn't take photos of her gifts because she only wanted me showing off what Shoma got. But I love them all!
  11. I got a new toque!
  12. A necklace that rejects negative energy so I think some coworkers may find themselves flying out of the office if they come close.
  13. An eye thang
    I started using it before I took the picture.
  14. Tranquil bath stuff
    See, it's already making me zen.
  15. Oh, and Shome got me an hour long massage!
    I'm guessing it'll be from Bono.
  16. I don't even know how to act when people are nice to me, much less when they spoil me. How did an app do this? It's saving my soul.
  17. This is from a couple weeks ago when @hillary79 spoiled me as well.
  18. I love these girls. Not because they gave me "stuff" but because they heard me. It's new to me. I've always been a talker, this is just the first time I've met listeners.
  19. So. Much. Love. 💙💙💙💙