This is year 4 of my mom being officially diagnosed with Crohn's (+ a severe gluten allergy), add my deadly mushroom allergy, plus my step dad's aversion to pork... (I know, we suck...) We can ALL eat and enjoy this delicious stuffing (with tweaks).
  1. First, if you have no pork issues and can eat mushrooms, you can make the recipe exactly as it's listed on Pinterest!
    Lucky you!
  2. Gluten Free Cornbread Stuffing (So Yummy)
  3. If you want tweaks, or just the steps, here's what makes it our own.
  4. First I make the cornbread on Tuesday (tonight) and let it get crumbly for 24 hours.
    My mom is so allergic that I had to bake this is a disposable pan. If I used my own pan and it had flour dust left on it, I could make her sick. I bleached the bowl, spoon, and measuring cup before mixing.
  5. Next, well last week actually, I got the stuffing mix. Funny enough, this is barely a factor in the flavor, its more for texture.
    You can buy Gluten Free Stuffing Mix at Trader Joes (like me!) or for 6 times the price (hyperbole) at Whole Foods. Good thing is you don't have to bake or cut anything. This is your "bread". Trader Joes may run out, so get it ASAP!
  6. Make sure you get Gluten Free Chicken Broth.
    Pacific is usually a great price. Don't assume any broth is gluten free. We all know chickens aren't made with gluten. Unfortunately, some broth/stock has fillers and stabilizers.
  7. The secret ingredient!
  8. The recipe says you can use any gluten free soup, so we did. None were as good as this!👆🏽
    It comes in a small box at most places and is right next to the broth. You will be happy you got the Butternut Squash soup. It layers the flavors to where you could go to town on this stuffing.
  9. Oh, I straight up skipped the mushrooms and just added a bit more celery and onion.
  10. Our pork compromise. Porkompromise?
    Turkey Breakfast Sausage! So I had to think about what has a good salty and meaty flavor that goes well with sage and cranberry. Plus something I can get "drippings" from since the recipe calls for it. Plus this thing had to be gluten free and not beef! We are so complicated. No wonder no one usually joins us three for meals!
  11. It's so good. I can eat gluten and I only want this stuffing. You still have time to make it if you'd like.
    Just cook the GF cornbread for 3 more minutes than the package and it'll be crumbly and ready to go!
  12. Do it! If anyone does report back.
  13. If you don't do it but read about my complicated family of food aversions/allergies... just comment with your favorite emoji so I know you are out there. 🦃