Great advice, odd messenger

  1. "Keep doin what you doin, keep gettin what you got"
    I heard this quote first from Ms. Jay on Americas Next Top Model. Its got the same meaning as the definition of insanity. Basically means learn from mistakes.
  2. "There are 24 useful hours in a day"
    Sometimes the most obvious quotes are the best. I heard this from Liv Tyler's character on Empire Records. I have had several people say to me (after I took this advice) that it seems I have more hours in my day than they do, because I always have time for everything.
  3. "Do or do not. There is no try."
    I know YOU think this was from Yoda. But not for me. I heard it first from Nehemiah on The Real World Austin. I thought he was SO SMART! But he was quoting Star Wars. Turns out he's not the brightest bulb, but still, it is good advice.
  4. "Rightie Tighty, Leftie Loosey"
    I heard this a lot after the fact, but the FIRST time I ever heard this amazing trick was on an episode of California Dreams. Jake was working on his car in the garage where the band practices and one of the girls was trying to help, he told them "rightie tighty, leftie loosey". And they unscrewed the tire or whatever.
  5. Eat dinner (or at least pretend to eat) before you feed your dog at night. This lets them know you are the alpha.
    This is from John Mulaney's comedy special. But guess what, it sure has worked. My dog listens about 25% of the time now, which is at least 5 times more than before this trick. Thanks Mulaney!
  6. Take off your makeup before bed, every night.
    Lorelai and Rory, in the second episode of Gilmore Girls, saw the headmaster's receptionist and she had terrible bags under her eyes. Lorelai says that's what happens if you go to bed with makeup on. I had no idea until that episode!