1. Today is Roscoe* Jenkins' 3rd birthday
    *His name is neither Roscoe nor Jenkins, but he is my cousin's 3 year old son.
  2. He is basically the funniest kid on the planet.
  3. Today he added another one to his repertoire.
  4. His mother sent us this on the group text.
  5. 😂
  6. My advice: get yourself a Roscoe if you can. They are the best.
    What was he going to do at the wall? Seriously, guys.
  7. See how much he loves his Boogie?
    Look at that smile 😂
  8. Happy birthday kid. Never change!
    God I hope on his first day of kindergarten his teacher calls him his government name and he says "Ma'am, I prefer to go by Roscoe Jenkins thank you."