Happy Endings Cast Ranked By Sexiness

  1. 6. Dave
    Dave is a total Dave of the group. It's like, he's fine, but he's not fyne. Although, when he was running the Speakeasy he did show up in everyone's sex dreams. That was quite sexy. Okay, let's have him tie for 5th place.
  2. 5. Jane
    I'm so proud of her for making the difficult decision to cut her hair and "maybe get bangs". She's crazy competitive and just a little too skinny to be my type. But its good to have someone like her around to keep everyone on their toes. She should be higher up than 5th place. Dave should too!
  3. 4. Max
    Max just hangs out and does his Max thing. He doesn't always show up when people need him and he really looks best with a bit of scruff on his face. Fourth place would be perfect if he didn't look so darn good in a chunky belt! Move him up! Bring the others.
  4. 3. Alex
    She's tiny! She makes up cute songs when she dusts her house. She eats like a baller. Hottie! I mean, no one on a TV show could be hotter right? Scoot her up a couple rankings.
  5. 2. Brad
    First, it took everything in my power to not use the gif of Brad twirling. I use it too much. Brad is a great husband. He shoots baskets exactly like Phylicia Rashad. He has only ever had one cavity, and he's handsome! Jane is so lucky. She should be ranked next to her husband! And since Brad is the top guy, he can tie for first.
  6. 1. Penny
    Penny's the heart of the show. She enjoyed three consecutive "years of Penny" while on the air. She owns a condo, speaks Italian when drunk, is a master of Jazz Kwon Do, and got a guy to propose to her after seeing her in a helmet for a month. But Penny's friends are all hotties! Six way tie!!!
  7. Everyone is doing this again, so I am bumping my old list instead of rewriting one.