After I read @olive's list about Mercury being in retrograde (it's only a week into mercury retrograde and i) , I realized why it feels like my life is utter crap right now. Blame it on the planets! Open to suggestions.
  1. Watching this 2 minute video from Broad City (tiny spoiler if you haven't seen season 3)
    Start one minute in!
  2. Browsing Gina Rodriguez's twitter feed
  3. Reading Leslie Knope Compliments aloud
  4. Listening to the Funniest Podcast, Just Trust Me
    U talkin U2 to Me (and no, it's not only good to U2 fans. This is my favorite podcast and I knew 2 U2 songs)
  5. Recording myself rapping along to Lonely Island Videos
    My current favorite, Finest Girl
  6. Scrolling through the Wear Your Label Instagram
  7. If you are mad at a specific person. Imagine you tied their shoelaces together right before they stood up when 1,000 people were watching.
    I don't know why this is my visual of choice, but it brings jerks down a peg immediately in my mind.
  8. Go outside, or any instant change of scenery.
    Sometimes, all you can do is face your chair in a different direction, look in the restroom mirror, or close your eyes. They all help.
  9. I listen to dumb songs from my youth to remind me of a simpler time.
    Since we aren't all the same age, I can't guess what works for you. My songs are unequivocally Boy Bands, specifically the lame ones like LFO. But pop in an old CD/tape and cringe at the mixes you used to enjoy
  10. Read a book by a comedian. They have hard times too, and they laugh through them.
    I always default to Amy Poehler, but Aziz, Ellen, Amy S, Tina F, Mindy, BJ, Jessi Klein, Rainn Wilson, so many more have really helpful ways to deal with the grumpies.
  11. Wait, one more podcast. Trust me. (Eps 120, 166, 219)
    It's a 3 part series. Skip the 4th until you are having a better day. The first three are pick me ups. Not the fourth. Here's the link for episode 120:
  12. Pray 🙏🏽
    You can pray to Ronald McDonald if it helps you feel better. You do you boo boo.
  13. Hop on and let it all out.
  14. Giphy
  15. Giphy
  16. Giphy
  17. Giphy
  18. I hope your day (or days) get(s)better. I'm always here to listen. Love you all.💛
  19. Watch blooper reels on You Tube
    The Office bloopers are always a solid choice, as are newscasters. Not to revel in other people's mistakes, but to laugh along with them as they crack up.
    Suggested by @DG