Told in Beyonce gifs. Why can't people read my mind and then follow all the rules I have decided on in advance of each class?
  1. Get in formation!
    Don't stand directly in front of someone. It's so rude. If you are in the row in front, you should be between them and another person. If someone is looking in the mirror trying to be sure their moves look human, why would you stand in front? They want to learn by watching. Be considerate.
  2. Rows are helpful!
    Ladies, let's try to make a straight line for the people the the right and left of you. You shouldn't awkwardly be in a line all by yourself. It makes it very hard for everyone to have enough space if you are squeezed between two rows and columns.
  3. You do not get a good spot if you are late, unless you are teaching the class!
    Don't care how often you come to this class. Your spot is gone. I likely took it. I know where you stand and I know you aren't here. You lost dibs. Earn that spot by being punctual or enjoy the back. Alternate rule, always be on time. Because being on time makes things better!
  4. The front row is for people who learn quickly or attend often!
    If the teacher messes up, it is legally required that the front row cover all mistakes. The class members will watch the front row and no one shall miss a step.
  5. Give me my space!
    The 3 foot rule is ideal, my legs are 3 feet long and I kick high. This is for your safety. Get in my personal bubble and chance a kick or punch, on "accident". Also, you are sweaty and so am I, so let's not smell each other any more fragrantly than we are now.
  6. Guys and Gals, I take this silly class way too seriously. I just love rules!
  7. My version of fun is following rules while cutting loose. If you think fun is standing in crooked lines, that's okay. I just think it's best you take the 6:30 am class. I'll be at the 5:30 pm one.
  8. I'm totally kidding with this list! 😂
    No I'm not