Inspired by @stevecady
  1. Girl least jaded by pep rallies.
    Even now, I could win "least jaded by class reunions." I'm planning the next one.
  2. Person most likely to have a date for prom that had to leave halfway through to go to his own prom without that person.
  3. Girl most likely to eat chicken strips and fries at every single lunch for 4 solid years at this school.
  4. Couple most likely to make out in the C-wing after basketball practice.
    I was just one half of this couple
  5. Girl most likely to have overdue Judy Blume library books.
  6. Girl who will remind you that she was friends with popular girls in elementary school.
  7. Person most likely to get in trouble about dress code because she wears dancer clothes all day long.
    ...and she developed way too early
  8. Girl most obsessed with the basketball players.