1. Tied a black guy to a pole in scene 2 episode 1. Not a fan of that visual.
    No one black in the writer's room for the pilot. Guaranteed.
  2. Hate the short haircut and do not miss that trend at all! Much prefer her in flashbacks
  3. When Veronica's dad got excited about his paycheck and said "tonight we are having steaks!" It reminded me of Sport in Harriet the Spy and his dad.
    Cute moment
  4. Paris Hilton just showed up. She's such a good actress 🤥
  5. I can not tell these white boys apart.
    Apparently their names are Troy and Duncan
  6. A trans person was just called a circus freak! 😳
    PC culture hadn't quite kicked in!
  7. I need nothing to tell me what year this first season is in. The flip phones, pleated skirts and kitten heels are SCREAMING 2004!
    Not to mention the reference to Hillary Duff and the Amanda Seyfried "cameo"
  8. Finally a black girl arrives, Kyla Pratt. Lemme guess who she dates?! The black guy?
    Tessa Thompson is on the cover for season two, so I'm guessing Kyla leaves for Proud Family pretty soon. No way a black guy or black girl will be dating outside of their race in 2004 in high school!
  9. Guys, that's all for Disk 1. Man did 2004 need some diversity in the writers room!
    On to disk 2 of 6. This show is actually kind of hard to binge. But I appreciate the payoff of the "mystery of the week" it's a lot like Chuck in that way.
  10. Disk 2: So, they bully the black teacher too? This show needs to do a LOT better, race-wise.
    Why does the black teacher have to have an ugly tiny car? Black people can have money. They act like he's the bad guy when Logan and Weevil are bullying him!
  11. I have no idea if I just saw Jessica Chastain or Bryce Dallas Howard. But I refuse to Google in case of spoilers.
  12. Lots of barking dogs in this show means lots of attention from Twiggy! She's watching almost as closely as me.
    Funny that her dog is named Backup 😂🐾
  13. Anthony Anderson plays Bone Hamilton and he used to be so much larger than he is now on blackish.
    Seems like a nicer Suge Knight character. Stereotypes out the wazoo here!
  14. Yay! Adam Scott has shown up as the teacher everyone (well almost everyone) likes.
    I think Kristen Bell and Adam Scott should always be in shows together. Funny that they are love interests in Party Down!
  15. How many guys you wanna kiss in one week, Veronica?
    Oh, high school! Can't believe you kissed HIM, though. Chivalry gets u a smooch from VM 👄
  16. Pretty sure we weren't saying "fairies and fat chicks" to insult people in 2005.
    This show isn't progressive at all. My goodness!
  17. Veronica's hair is growing out and it looks so much better.
  18. Weevil is complicated. They really all are. JTT was just on an episode and I miss the 90s now.
    All guests stars are guilty or will thought to be guilty.
  19. Super happy the "who dunnit" was resolved at the end of season 1. Took all of Friday and Sat to get there.
    I had an inkling with the foreshadowing, but I forgot my inkling until the end.
  20. Pre-nose job Tessa Thompson just showed up and Veronica was super rude to her. The beginning of season 2 is super confusing!
    No shame in the nose game, just wish her skin didn't get lighter in the process too.
  21. Wait so season 2 is her senior year. Will they all go to the same college in season 3?
  22. "Pasty white chicks," lol. I like Tessa Thompson's bitchy yet soft spoken character.
    I too refused to read Pride and Prejudice in school because of how painfully boring I found it. Sorry, P&P lovers. You have to realize that we literally never read books about black people unless they were the villain or victim in school. Everything was boring unless we could pick our own. I always chose Toni Morrison. Finally a character I relate too. Except that soft spoken part. I'm loud as hell.
  23. A school bus fell off a cliff?
    That's tragic! It had students in it. Woah.
  24. Steve Guttenberg is here now. Sorry dude, you're never NOT the dad from It Takes Two.
    Ain't you never, gonna wanna, don't ya have to go to the bathroom?!
  25. Being a "regular" on this show means you can leave for 10 episodes in a row.
  26. Why did they just make a black guy a pimp? Do better Rob Thomas!
    I'm seeing a theme...
  27. The therapist from Crazy Ex GF, and Alba from Jane the Virgin are both in this episode!!!
    UPN fed to the CW it seems
  28. Veronica accidentally crashes a black frat party with her black friend. Instead of just going inside, she decides to wait in the car.
    Wtf?! This isn't even coded racism, just straight up scared-of-black-people BS. This ain't cool. Takes are gettin HOT! As someone who exclusively went to black frat parties in 2005, trust me, they always had white chicks! You woulda blended in fine, Veronica. Sowwy you scared.
  29. A teacher called Jackie "trash". Jackie is the only black female on the show.
    Veronica righted the wrong but, damn.
  30. Kristin Cavallari is on here now, she's a far better actress than Paris Hilton for sure.
    She plays a lesbian. That's fun. They seem super comfortable with lesbians and super uptight about guys being gay.
  31. With the way Veronica figures some stuff out, I feel like she could choreograph a heist.
    Particularly if Weevil is involved.
  32. Ryan Hansen plays the ultimate dudebro. He is tailor made for this role.
    He looks like every popped collar douche I knew and hated in high school.
  33. "We're all coconuts. Brown on the outside but white on the inside"
    That's what the Latina girl called herself and two others on a list they were trying to make sense of. Wtf. I've only heard coconut used as an insult behind people's backs. People used to call me an "Uh-Oh Oreo," because I was white on the outside and black on the inside and I would punch* them. By punch, I mean roll my eyes and tell them their shoes were ugly. I'm SUPER BLACK EVERYWHERE.
  34. The Native American Guy from Parks and Rec is on here as the Casino owner!
    ...and they love type casting this dude as a casino owner.
  35. I finally see how you gals find Logan attractive. Took 40 episodes. But thanks, senior prom. Sex appeal hath arrived
    Logan Echols (not my type) can get it (from someone else).
  36. Funny that this show was called the new Buffy and so far they have Willow and Cordelia recurring on here.
    Just waiting for SMG to be Veronica's long lost older sister. I never even watched Buffy, but I know that these shows are similar.
  37. Veronica and her Dad are packing for a trip to New York. She says she packed "pepper spray in case we run into that Trump guy."
    Oh Veronica... you have no clue how spot on that line is in 2017.
  38. Logan-ception when Logan from Veronica Mars is talking to Logan from Gilmore Girls.
    To much white male privilege for one show, they had to spread it over two shows. Remind me not to name my child Logan. They seem to have trouble follow them.
  39. I like how realistic Mac's roommates "wig" looks. Geez. You didn't even try!
  40. Oh, she's in college and I forgot to mention that!
    Conveniently Wallace, Mac, Logan and even Weevil are on the same campus.
  41. Weevil had some crazy acne in one episode. I bet he was so mad that they needed him that week.
    He was talking about hooking up with all these college girls, and it was his least attractive episode. It looked like he had an allergic reaction or poison ivy, honestly!
  42. College so far has been way less diverse, but FAR BETTER about coded racism. Microaggressions are all toward women instead of people of color.
    Well, not all... but most. They do always try to frame the brown/black folks for crimes the white folk commit. Its fun to know that my race gets a break this season, but not my gender. Ah, college!
  43. So happy rape culture has been solved since 2006! All better now!
    Rape free is the way to be
  44. Chick from Just Shoot Me shows up, and I'm like, why does she look so good next to Keith?
    Duh! They were on Just Shoot Me together, as a couple. I'd Google if they were a real life couple. But spoilers.
  45. They solved the big college mystery halfway through the season!
    Oh, and created a new one almost immediately.
  46. The professor in Veronica's Criminal Studies class is the same guy who played professor Laskey in Saved by the Bell The College Years.
    He has aged well, this is him on SBTB.
  47. This TA has such an ugly wig, I am sure he is guilty of something.
  48. I forgot Wallace goes to the same college as Veronica. It's been THAT LONG since we have seen him.
    The only regulars in VM:College are Veronica, Keith, and Logan.
  49. Weevil's skin is so bad they are digitally blurring his forehead in editing. You can tell!
    Bad photoshop skills. Or, is it called videoshop? I wonder why his skin got so bad, maybe the actor who plays him had a food allergy he didn't know about for a while. Hope it's clear now. Poor guy.
  50. Mac is the best fit for Veronica. She's so smart and they pass the Bechdel test every time they interact!
    Season one passed the Bechdel so rarely I can't even...
  51. Plus, she was in that movie Andre!
    Nope, I didn't have to Google any facts I have added to this list.
  52. No clue if I finished season 3. I must have missed a disk. Nothing finished. What the heck?
    Guys. Does it end with a newspaper headline about Veronica's dad's career? Or is there more after that?
  53. I'm finally watching the movie. Kristen Bell looks so beautiful with this post baby body. She actually looks older than 16. Logan actually looks scrawny. He was bigger in season 3.
    She has said lots of curse words, so it's fun to see what the writers can do without network interference. It's shot like the show, just a bit fancier.
  54. All done with Veronica Mars the series and movie!
    Kristen Bell makes anything watchable. I loved most of the guest stars. Hated the racism. So I give it 4 out of 5 stars. If Wallace wasn't on the show it would have had 3. But now that I am finished I can finally search Veronica Mars gifs... so here we go!
  55. The hideous haircut
  56. The scene that looked so much like a public lynching it should have never been filmed.
  57. Chastain?
    Bryce Dallas Howard?
  58. Veronica faking drunk
  59. The confusing Senior Year opening scene.
  60. Best catchphrase ever
  61. The movie!
    Post baby bod