It's not the way she would have guessed!
  1. I'm not new to the Hillary bandwagon
  2. In 2007, I was all in for her presidential campaign.
  3. I even got this shirt at Christmas that says "Hillary for President 2008"
    All of us cousins got one and I realized I was the only one in my family who hadn't converted to Obama.
  4. But Barack was too special.
    I saw him at a rally in February and just completely forgot about Hillary in that hour.
  5. I voted for him, but she was still my girl
    She was my second favorite person in all of politics. She was just running against my first favorite!
  6. Sorry, let me back up.
  7. Hillary became my favorite even before she was running in '08.
  8. Since I'm such a cool kid, I only asked for books for Christmas in high school
  9. My senior year I asked for Bill Clinton's memoir
  10. I opened to the pictures and saw standard stuff about Bill's youth and early career.
  11. But then I saw this picture from his time at Yale
    Excuse the picture quality, these are taken from my book.
  12. Bill's on the far right with his little Alabama Afro
    He's such a cutie pie!
  13. But move two people to the left
  14. And look at young HRC!
  15. Guys! She looks so much different than this girl now.
    But for some reason, seeing this picture gave me a glimpse inside her.
  16. I just love the hippie chick at Yale with gigantic glasses
    She's still that girl. Only better.
  17. That's all. I don't only like my politicians when it's cool.
    For the record, it's fine if you do.