The world is over saturated with Drumpf. I needed a serious break from hearing his name/opinions.
  1. Avoided Twitter
    Stinks because so many cool people are on my feed. But it can't go 10 tweets without reading about "you know who"
  2. Only Read Buzzfeed Life
    This is basically the food section of Buzzfeed, sometimes they talk about DIY projects. No politics or pop culture.
  3. I skipped 4 channels during every channel surf.
    HLN, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC
  4. I didn't watch any cable channels Sunday morning
    Meet The Press could have spoiled it.
  5. So much Netflix and Hulu.
  6. It was 3 days of peace. I highly recommend it.
  7. I'll likely do this every weekend from now on.
  8. Thank you listers for talking about him so rarely.