@Lisa_Fav I wish I would have taken pics
  1. "How are you healing?"
    He asks my sister how her vagina is recovering from pushing out the baby.
  2. "How did you lose the weight already?"
    Matt. You have met my sister once!
  3. "How is your husband dealing with the change?"
    He means how is your husband dealing with not having sex. Trust me on this one, that's what he means.
  4. "Are you going back to work, or staying with her full time now?"
    It's not appropriate Matt
  5. "Can I hold her?"
    He is so bad at this that I take the baby away from him after her head flops twice. Matt, support her neck. Matt, support her— give me the baby.
  6. My sister gives him a second chance if he sits down and I hand him the baby. He's a deer in headlights but excited like I gave him ten pounds of candy.
    Then I remember Matt has a 3 year old! Wtf????? You never held her did you?! 🤦🏽‍♀️
  7. Fin.