Subtitle: @kcupcaker and @marykathryn are the literal best!
  1. Start by picking a location just fancy enough for the locals, and far too fancy for the Boogie.
    Vino Vino it is!
  2. Then, pick a time and start a group text so anyone who arrives first can contact the others.
  3. Next, if you are as baller as me, you will take a Pepcid for your ulcer and put on your Payless sneakers.
    Hashtag livin the life!
  4. Arrive on time, make a funny joke with Katie about how you'll be the one at the bar with a red rose. Because it totally feels like a blind date.
  5. Drink and chit chat with @kcupcaker while we wait for @marykathryn to get through all the traffic.
  6. Take a picture for!
    Do our best to be sure no one has the large head, even though someone (Boogie!) does have the largest head.
  7. Let Katie and Mary Kathryn be fancy enough that a bit of it even sprinkles on you and order chickpea fries like a queen probably eats.
  8. Show that Katie is actually 10 feet tall because this is a regular sized burger and not a slider.
  9. Have Mary Kathryn hold up her wine glass instead of her plate of chicken.
    The chicken looked great, you'll just have to trust us.
  10. Lose track of time.
  11. Realize that you speak about 200 words for every 30 of Mary Kathryn's and 20 of Katie's.
  12. Happily embrace the descriptor of "verbal"
    Hey, I'm verbal! Heck yes!
  13. Learn about these amazing chicks and realize we all could have crossed paths so many times.
  14. Take a stupid photo.
  15. Remember you are with classy broads and attempt a less stupid one
  16. Have the waiter take your picture.
  17. Be grateful the waiter realized we needed a flash and take a second photo.
  18. Check the time and realize Vino Vino closes in 5 minutes and no one is left in the bar.
  19. Do it all over again tomorrow!
    I wish 😩